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The Sea Cloud

The Sea Cloud

Drop anchor in the world's most elegant Riviera fishing villages, from the world's most beautiful sailing ship, The Sea Cloud.

Arrive in the spectacular port of Portofino, Italy, for lunch, then board a tender for a ride out to the one and only Sea Cloud. This is one of the finest sailing yachts in the world. 300 feet of pure luxury, and with only 65 passengers, you'll feel like a guest yourself.

We set sail up the Riviera to Nice, France, and venture into this lovely resort. Hop aboard a helicopter over to Monte Carlo...Just in time for the Grand Prix. See the race in person, not on network television. You can reach out and touch the cars!

Just one look at this luxury travel video will make you pack your bags!

Running time 30 minutes.
Availability: usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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