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QE-2 - The Queen of Ships

QE-2 - The Queen of Ships

Experience the luxury of another era in this very special travel video. From champagne to caviar, the incomparable journey comes to life before your eyes.

This full length video captures the magic of a North Atlantic crossing on the only ship still sailing that historic voyage made famous by Titanic.

Meet the people who make each journey unforgettable, as the captain and crew take you from the bridge of the fastest passenger ship afloat to the depths of an engine room powerful enough to fuel a small city. CBTV's crew are the only cameras ever to record exclusive footage of the inner workings of the engine room during an actual ocean crossing.

Whether you long to cruise or simply want to dream about it, don't miss this special luxury travel video!

Running time 30 minutes.
Availability: usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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